Terms and Conditions

The company MB Equipment, located in Willemstad, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 147953, hereby represented by Marvin Bogaert, in his capacity as business owner, who signs;

Article 1: The General Terms and Conditions of MB Equipment apply to all rental agreements. The renter agrees to comply with the general terms and conditions of MB Equipment. Only those listed in the rental agreement as renters or (co-)drivers are permitted to drive the vehicle. Driving the vehicle is only allowed for individuals 18 years and older who possess a valid Class B driver’s license. Upon entering the rental agreement, presenting a driver’s license and passport for identification is mandatory. Renters are not permitted to provide the vehicle to individuals not listed in the rental agreement. The renter is responsible for the conduct of any approved drivers, as they are for their own.

Article 2: The rental period agreed upon at the time of the final reservation is binding. The reservation becomes definitive once the renter has received the down payment or the first installment of the rent. The rental agreement is entered into for the period and at the rate agreed upon during the final reservation. However, the landlord reserves the right to refuse any renter without providing reasons. If the renter cancels the rental agreement, they are liable for the full rental amount. The renter is obligated to pay the agreed rental sum, even if they pick up the vehicle later or return it earlier than agreed.

Article 3: The renter is assumed to have received the car in good condition, and MB Equipment, as the landlord, is presumed to have delivered the car in the same good condition. At the end of the rental period, the renter is required to return the vehicle in the same condition as received. If the vehicle isn’t returned in the correct state, including all keys, documents, and other items, MB Equipment is entitled to charge for the rental until all items are returned. The renter hereby authorizes the landlord or a person designated by the landlord to open the vehicle wherever it is located or retake possession of it.

Article 4: The renter is required to pay the total rental sum, including the deposit, before the start of the rental period. For long-term rentals, the first installment of the rent and the deposit must be paid upfront. If rental installments are not paid on time, the renter is in default without further notice and owes a contractual interest of 10%.

Article 5: Renting a vehicle is at the renter’s own risk. The renter is liable for all types of damage to the renter, third parties, and/or goods during the rental period. The renter indemnifies the landlord against all forms of damage to the renter, third parties, and/or goods occurring during the rental period. MB Equipment is indemnified by the renter for all fines, penalties, sanctions, and other measures imposed on the landlord for criminal offenses committed by the driver and/or passengers during the rental period. The renter is responsible for the costs resulting from fines, penalties, sanctions, and other measures, including but not limited to administration costs of MB Equipment and/or third parties.

Article 6: The renter is expected to handle the vehicle responsibly. The renter is responsible for using the vehicle according to its intended use. The costs associated with using the vehicle, like fuel, cleaning, and parking, are the renter’s responsibility during the rental period. The renter is not allowed to sub-rent the vehicle, use it for driving lessons, racing, commercial passenger transport, committing criminal offenses, or transporting dangerous or illegal substances.

Article 6a: The renter is liable for damage to the rented vehicle due to their failure to fulfill any obligation arising from the rental agreement. If damage occurs due to behavior contrary to Article 6, irresponsible driving, intentional acts or omissions, recklessness, gross negligence or gross fault by the renter (including if the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication affecting their ability to drive), the entire damage cost will be charged to the renter. The landlord reserves the right to have an insurer investigate any alleged violations related to the exclusions mentioned in this article.

Article 7: The renter must respond to the landlord’s request for regular vehicle maintenance. Such request will be timely, so the renter can reasonably comply. For rental periods of a month or shorter, the renter is not obliged to offer the vehicle for regular maintenance.

Article 8: MB Equipment’s vehicles are insured through liability insurance and additional comprehensive coverage, with a maximum liability coverage of NAF 150,000. The renter is informed about and agrees with this insurance coverage and its terms upon entering the rental agreement. Each damage claim is subject to a deductible of EUR 500 / NAF 1,000.

Article 9: The renter is obliged to lock the vehicle when parked. The vehicle must never be left unattended and unlocked. The renter is liable for damages resulting from failing to lock the vehicle.

Article 10: The renter is liable for all damage due to theft or any other damage to the rented vehicle, regardless of whether the damage was caused by the renter or third parties. In the event of damage, the landlord must be informed immediately, and a damage report form must be completed by the Curaçao Road Service (199). The vehicle must not be moved from the accident location. Non-compliance with these rules will lead to the forfeiture of any insurance claims, and the renter will be liable for the entire damage cost.

Article 11: In the event of vehicle breakdowns during the rental period not caused by the renter, MB Equipment ensures the vehicle is repaired within seven working days from the time a report is made to the emergency number. If repairs are not possible, MB Equipment offers replacement transportation if available. The renter isn’t entitled to a replacement vehicle if the damage is caused due to actions or omissions violating Article 6 or due to irresponsible driving, intentional acts or omissions, recklessness, gross negligence, or serious fault on the part of the renter. If neither repair nor replacement is possible, MB Equipment provides a refund for each unused rental day.

Article 12: If the vehicle is returned early, the renter is still obligated to pay the full agreed rental sum. No refunds will be given for the agreed rental sum. In case of overtime without notification to MB Equipment, extra hours will be billed proportionally. If the vehicle isn’t picked up on the agreed date, MB Equipment reserves the right to terminate the agreement without refunding the deposit.

Article 13: MB Equipment reserves the right to cancel under certain circumstances, including specific weather conditions, without any charges on either side. This is especially applicable when the renter’s safety is at risk, as assessed by the landlord.

Article 14: Upon entering the rental agreement, the renter pays a deposit of EUR 500 / NAF 1000 (max. 2 drivers) or EUR 750 / NAF 1500 for 3 or 4 drivers. Provided there’s no damage, this deposit is refunded. The deposit can be paid in cash or via bank transfer. The landlord may offset any damage compensation against the deposit.

Article 15: The renter must take good care of the rented vehicle. The landlord reserves the right to retake possession of the vehicle in case of suspected misuse without refunding the rental sum. For long-term rentals, the renter must have the vehicle washed (interior and exterior) monthly.

Article 16: These terms and conditions are published by MB Equipment in Curaçao. The relationship between the renter and landlord is governed by the law of Curaçao. Any disputes related to this agreement or related matters will be exclusively submitted to the competent court in Curaçao. Please read these terms carefully before making a reservation.

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